First tune I ever wrote: "In Your Eyes" (2002)

Sung by Jaime Vokes:

Yeah, I like this song a lot…really good writing and of course your production is ‘‘up there’’ as usual…just can’t get my head round the ‘‘Donny Osmond’’ clone (as I said on your SC page).
your songs (for me) have too much ‘‘gravitas’’ to be sung by what sounds like a 14 year old…

sorry mate, the song is fab though… :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

This is one heck of a dead forum now innit :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

Sounds good, Ian. Is it a new recording, or a new remix?

I particularly like the placement of the fender Rhodes (?) in the mix. Thought the guitar at about 2:50 could’ve been a bit louder to add to the dynamics.
Not my style of music but it’s a great track & mix.

(I think Kev is having a down day - but yes the forum is quiet!)

I was just thinking back to when I first joined this forum…it was full of good people who took the time to be part of the community, now people just post their music ( not all, but quite a few) and disappear, present company excluded of course…
I now only listen and comment on music if they have done the same for me…which is the reason I’m not here much nowadays…

cheers, Kevin

Yes, Kevin is right, there’s a lot less interaction than in the past. Given how much I have been helped, I find it lamentable. I am wondering where people post nowadays to get honest or otherwise reactions to their creations.

OK I’ll take a stab as to why and I may be wrong but it’s my personal theory. I’m not sure what it was like “back in the day” here but in recent times it seems like most post here for a quick ego boost or self promotion of their work (which I’ve done in the past and also why I’ve stopped contributing). There’s an obvious clique that exists in regards to replies and many new posters see that and are probably intimidated. With that said, there’s really nothing to learn from the typical submission.

When I first joined I interpreted the thread title “Made in Steinberg” as a place where I could get help with production techniques, learn some tips and tricks which is much more interesting than what actually goes on here. Maybe one should post if they only need help or a needs a second set of ears for a mix? Maybe one should state their intention as to why they are posting to make posts more productive? It would be great if more advanced users posted industry techniques using Cubase/Nuendo. What it is now is a listening party. Just my opinion as tow why participation is low.

Perhaps we should OT this elsewhere instead of hijacking Ian’s Post (?)
It could be a long discussion!
Sorry Ian


Nah! i reckon it`s cause some people start crying, when people try giving good constructive advice.

nice tune Ian the vocals sound a bit like someone else on this forum. :sunglasses:

Hi Ian

Like the song

I actually like the vocal

Your mixes have always been good to my ears



from Polgara
Nah! i reckon it`s cause some people start crying, when people try giving good constructive advice.[/quote]


Sorry, been distracted lately and haven’t been back to this since I posted.

Thanks for the thoughts and feedback. I should have mentioned the lyrics were written by a past work colleague - a woman. I thought given the nature of the words it needed more of a ‘boyband’ kinda voice. :sunglasses: This was recorded WAY back in the early 2000’s with more live elements than I typically use today - i.e. real drums, real drummer etc.

As for the dead forum topic, I’m not sure why, but a couple of things happened historically which I think contributed to the gradual demise. One was the rigorous enforcement of certain forums rules which saw the banning of certain active members who’d previously contributed hugely, and sometimes controversially. And in some cases bannings that made no sense at all. The other thing that happened was the “Made With Steinberg” forum was created. Back in ‘the day’ song posts actually occurred in The Lounge so were included in the general community vibe that was focused around that particular forum.

I think there’s a general assumption that when a tune is posted by someone, comments and critiques are invited but unless the OP is specific about the sort of feedback they’re after then you pretty much have to settle for whatever you get - most often you’ll end up with little more than “nice tune” type comments which of course may be all you’re interested in if all you’re doing is simply sharing some of your work rather than inviting specific assistance with some particular aspect of the production. I notice many of the newer contributors these days seem to be more about seeking a quick audience rather than active participation - i.e. reciprocation. But the other thing that perhaps comes into play there is genre. I know some genres are so far outside where I sit that I feel I have very little offer, and particularly so if it’s a genre that I don’t actually like! E.g. it’s very unlikely I will comment on D&B/dubstep type stuff as I know nothing about these styles and the techniques used.

And then there’s that whole thing around giving and receiving feedback, and there’s certainly a level of skill and maturity required for both I think.