First violin without sound

First of all, congrats on the release of dorico 4, I am really enjoying the update!

I’ve a project started in dorico pro 3.5, when opened in dorico pro 4 (last update) everything works fine, but after a few minutes the first violin always stops working. The project is just a pino quintet.

Not sure what is happening. I’ve been looking in the forum and I did not find an answer (probably somewhre there is a reply on similar issues but I was not able to find it, sorry if that is the case)

Attached a diagnostic report just in case it is helpful.,

Thanks a lot

Dorico (547.7 KB)

It will probably be easier to diagnose if you could share (a cut-down version of) the project…

Thanks fratveno,
Here find attached the project (2.8 MB)

I opened your project and, yes only piano and 1st violin were making a sound.
I went to Play Mode and in the Play menu choose Playback Template… and chose HSSSE+HSO (Pro) - Apply and close.
Sometimes reapplying fixes this kind of hiccup.
doricoTest-fixed.dorico (2.0 MB)

I opened it too, but everything played as expected… (win 11.) Anything that could provoke the problem?

I applied again the playback template and it seems that is working as expected now.

No idea what have happened.

Thanks to everyone!