First work with Cubase pro 8


Today I gave to Cubase 8.0.5 a try, I found it really stable and powerful. After using the first release, I experiment troubles with the plugins menus and some crashes, but now everything is ok. After 7 hours of work, no problem, no crash. I have read a lot of treads here with many problems and I just wanted to say that in my configuration (Win 7 64bits / 16 Go RAM / i7) everything is ok.
Thank you Steinberg Team!! Some features are really nice (render, chord pads, workflow…)
For those who have problems with this version, hope you’ll finally find the solution soon…

P.s: sorry for my english

Your English is fine!

I too am one of the lucky ones. My system is running well under 8.01. Most of the problems I encounter are because of programming changes rather than bugs. I also notice that my Cubase 8 projects are opening fine in 6.5.5 - I didn’t expect that to be the case.