Is there a way to record in C7 without pitchbend and slide.
I can’t seem to find the disable pitchbend and slide in the new c7. The c5 has this feature

I record with the fishman guitar midi and the pitchbed and slides i have to edit after the recording
not very productive. THanks

You can use the Input Transformer to filter out the unwanted commands.

Thanks - i will try that tonight.
i ve never use the transformer before -

Have fun. Note that there is an “power” switch that’s easy to miss, it’s on the tab of the current module. You’ll see what I mean once you open it up.

Also very useful for MIDI guitar, you should try the free HMT1 VST plugin from It helps to deal with the 6 simultaneous MIDI channels.

What do you think about the Triple Play?

Triple play tracking is the best one I’ve played so far . I ve owned all the roland gr synth and 3play tracking is the best. The sound is generic to me too much reverb and efx. I used the triple play to track differnet vst inst.

Im still having problem with the transformer filtering bend and slide notes - anyone out there who can shed a light?


What problem?


The transformer is not filtering my pitchbend and slide.Is there any way you can send me a screenshot of your transfomer with the pitchbend and slide disable? thanks

Another approach would be to check if there is a ‘Chromatic’ setting on the controller end for
patches like pianos,organs etc.


I don’t know how you have your project set up, but this will get you started.

Are you talking about pitchbend and portamento? Do you know what CC# is the portamento command using?

Here’s a screenshot, I used CC01 for your portamento/slide, you’ll need to apply the actual CC number. Also two modules are necessary afaik.
Screenshot 2013-08-26 at 5.43.08 PM.png
Screenshot 2013-08-26 at 5.43.15 PM.png

thanks alot -
i can give it a shot and try. it seem to work better after changing controller settings
im also in chicago- let me know if you have time to talk- about the GTR SYNTH

PM me…