Fist and Second Time Bars

I use my notation program to copy trumpet parts in awkward transpositions and transpose them to Bb - and horn parts likewise to F. To do this successfully, one needs to reproduce the exact layout of the original, and so far as I can see Dorico supports Repeat bar lines but currently not First and Second Time bars.

Of those listed as Not Yet Implemented this is the one omission that would stop me from shelling out straight away. How long is it before we are likely to see this feature?

I can’t say exactly how long it will take to add any specific missing feature, but adding first and second ending lines etc. is a high priority so we’ll add it as soon as we can. We haven’t yet figured out exactly what we will be working on in the first update – it is to some extent determined by what bugs come up after the initial release that will take higher priority than the features we would like to work on – but we will definitely keep everybody in the loop once we have a concrete plan.