Fit measures

Is it likely that Dorico will be able to ‘fit measures’?
I need to layout the structure of a document at the start.

I was going to say “use the search box” but then realised that YOU were involved in the last conversation on this subject!

Strange… I remembered asking a year ago… but didn’t remember the recent thread…
…New Years Eve… !?

All the more reason to search before you post.

Just in case the message still isn’t getting through; the general consensus seems to be that Dorico IS cleverer.

If you don’t like its defaults, change the rules, and THEN start overriding them when you absolutely have to.

It might be worth taking a copy of the project mentioned in this thread, then undoing the manual changes you’ve made, then fiddling with the rules so that the software works with you to achieve what you want. You’re currently insisting on fighting the software, which is a slow laborious process, and starting over with agreeable rules may be substantially quicker than persevering with the defaults.

Sorry, I was referring to the project you were talking about in this thread: Spacing - Dorico - Steinberg Forums

Yep, this post was on a different subject - the ability to quickly lay out a structure, before writing.
I am fiddling with the rules, but I’m happy with 80% of Dorico’s output. Changing the rules for the 20%, is messing the 80%.
I’m not using the software for proper work - I’m trying to get as far as possible in Dorico, then doing it all again in Finale for real.
And I agree that for 99% of layout stuff Dorico is clever than Finale. I do think that if I put an extra bar in a system, it should have a cleverer response than putting notes on top of each other, regardless of the settings.