Fit Midi track length to audio

Maybe it’s simple, but I just can’t find a way to achieve this.

I copied a midi track from one song, to another song with audio.
Now the problem is, the audio and the midi are in different length and speed, so I need to angler the midi track a bit, so it fit the audio.
Any help will be appreciate… :slight_smile:


Hi and welcome,

If you don’t care about the Grid, and you don’t want to Edit the MIDI data later on, you can use the “Resize with apply Time Stretch” tool, which is an option to the Object Selection tool. Just click to the Object Selection tool, and select it.

If you would like to keep the Grid in sync, then you have to change the Tempo of the song. In this case, make sure, the Audio track is in Linear Mode, and the Audio event itself is also in the Linear mode (not Musical Mode). The Audio event will not follow the Tempo changes then.

Ill give it a try.

PS: Sorry for the delay.
I was expecting getting a mail when someone responds to my question…