Five-Four T/Sig anomaly

Note sure if this is an anomaly, a bug; or something I don’t understand.

Any explanation gratefully received, please :slight_smile:.

I changed the Time Signature from 4/4 to 5/4 at the beginning of a score (aded/inserted a new bar and applied 5/4.)

Dorico Pro 2 barred it as having a total of four (crotchet/quarter) beats. See grab ‘FiveFourStart’.

But if I do the same thing towards the end of the same score - where there are, I suspect crucially, no notes following - it correctly adds five (crotchet/quarter) beats. See grab ‘FiveFourEnd’.

Should I assume that inserting a bar (at the beginning) with SHIFT-B > (+)1 and SHIFT-M > 5/4 is not supposed to work, please?

The issue is most likely that there is a further time signature in the bar following the newly-added 5/4 time signature at the start of the flow. When adding a new time signature before a further time signature, if the time signature you’re adding is longer than the current time signature, engage Insert mode before you add the new time signature: this will ensure a complete bar for the new time signature.



Yes, I added a bar (SHIFT-B > 1) then made sure that the rest of the flow would be correctly barred (or so I thought) by putting 4/4 in what was now the second bar.

Because I found that, if I didn’t do that, the notes from the original first bar (then the second) ‘bled’ backwards into the new first bar.

Then you did everything right except to also switch on Insert mode after adding the “stopper” 4/4 time signature and before adding the new 5/4 time signature.

Got it. Thanks, Daniel!