fix all for odd issues

I worked on an odd issue after upgrading from C7.5 to C8 for two days. For no apparent reason my Cue1 output to my headphone system stopped working with all (or any) monitors active. A real Superman named Kyle at SweetWater saved the day after two days of cussing Steinberg and finding a two day waiting period for tech support and no tech support phone number.

Delete this folder:

C:\Users\YOURuserNAME\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Cubase someVersion#

Don’t worry, the software will rebuild the old corrupted instance. SHAME on the developers for such sloppy work.
Be sure to change the YOURuserNAME to your actual log in name.

Note to developers: Add a delete this folder option within your sloppy code because you wasted two days of my time with problems NOT OF MY MAKING.

Finally, not having a human being to call for tech support considering all the money I paid Steinberg over the last 15 years will have a BIG impact on any new purchases in the future. The present model is evil. We deserve better. Much better!!!