Fix Broken Things

My request for Cubase 11 is simple: Fix all the things you break in 10.5

  • You break Expression Maps. In 10.5, the midi files that uses Expression Maps “randomly” switch to the expression in the first slot, no matter which articulation is being triggered. This didn’t happen in 10.

  • You break Mouse Scroll for dropdown menus. In 10, you could use the mouse wheel to switch between options in the dropdown menus. I used it a lot to edit several Midi events at once in the same window. Now I can do it, but the scroll isn’t working anymore. I think you break this in 10.5.2 or so.

  • Random plugin crashes that crash the whole Cubase. This may not be your fault and it’s not something you break in 10.5 -I’ve been suffering this bug since I first bought Cubase in version 9-, but you should allow a system that didn’t crash whenever a plugin crashes. Maybe we could close the plugins without closing Cubase. This would be a nice cool feature. Besides, when you have been in a long session, Cubase won’t close or will take an eternity to close. Yes, you can say “it’s a third party plugin”, but Cubase should be able to handle properly this, as other DAWS actually do.

I know you can do it, as you break colors in 10 but you fix them in 10.5.

Cubase is a very good and versatile DAW. It comes with a high price tag, as it’s one of the most expensive ones. However, with that price tag and the anual paid updates/upgrades, we deserve reliability. I enjoy new features, but I hate when things that worked (like Expression Maps or the Mouse wheel) don’t work properly anymore.

Please, fix Cubase.

They have not fixed the things that they broke in 8.5 yet.