Fix bug in

I have two iConnectivity mio10 MIDI interfaces.
Sadly, iConnectivity reports their port system names like this:

“MIDIN1 (mio10)”
“MIDIN1 (mio10)”
“MIDIN2 (mio10)”
“MIDIN2 (mio10)”
“MIDIOUT1 (mio10)”
“MIDIOUT1 (mio10)”
“MIDIOUT2 (mio10)”
“MIDIOUT2 (mio10)”

Thankfully, Cubase has this notion of “Port Naming” so I name my ports so they ‘show as’

“MIDIIN1 (mio10 A)”
“MIDIIN1 (mio10 B)”
“MIDIN2 (mio10 A)”
“MIDIN2 (mio10 B)”
“MIDIOUT1 (mio10 A)”
“MIDIOUT1 (mio10 B)”
“MIDIOUT2 (mio10 A)”
“MIDIOUT2 (mio10 B)”

And (thankfully) when I add a MIDI Track, the MIDI Track Dialog allows me to select “MIDIOUT1 ( mio10B )” and it actually connects to the Korg M1R I’ve got connected to that port.

Where it doesn’t work is the MIDI Device Manager. When I add, for example, a Korg M1 which is connected to MIDIOUT1 (mio10 B) the dialog presents me with a list of all my MIDI ports as I’ve named them, but when I select “MIDIOUT1 (mio10 B)” the dialog records my selection as “MIDIOUT1 (mio10 A)” which connects to an entirely different synthesizer(not made by Korg).

The upshot of this is, I can’t use the Cubase MIDI Device functionality on half my MIDI ports/devices.

My suspicion is that your software is assuming that system port names are unique (which, when you have multiple mio10 devices they aren’t) and that the MIDI Device Manager Output Selection dialog is displaying the user defined port name, mapping the selected entry to the corresponding system port name, then selecting the first system port that has a matching port system name string.

When I export my MIDI Device Manager setup to an XML file I see

And not

<string name=“Port Name” value=“MIDIOUT1 (mio10 B”)

A more correct thing to do would be to do what the MIDI Track Inspector port selection dialog does, which is to map the user-specified port name to an operating system device handle directly and bypass the system port name altogether. This approach has the virtues of (a) being unique and (b) doing exactly what the cubase actually needs to address a specific port © being robust in the face of multiple midi devices from the same manufacturer

A very simple way of fixing this issue would be to have the dialog simply put the User-Defined Port name in the Port Name field(“MIDIOUT6 (mio10 B)” instead of the system port name and have the MIDI Track Inspector Port Selection Dialog use its robust user-port-name-to-device-handle mapping capability when a MIDI Device Name is selected to map MIDIDevice.PortName to a device handle.

If you could fix this I would be extremely grateful.