Fix erratic zoom and scrolling!

This is the one of the most frustrating features of Cubase.

I have been a Cubase user since the late 90s going all the way back to “CubaseVST” versions predating the modern Nuendo line. I moved to Ableton Live for a number of years but recently came back to Cubase 12 Pro. One of the most frustrating and annoying things in Cubase is the Midi Keyroll editor and specifically all ZOOM functions. It so frustrating trying to use the zoom sliders to zoom in or out to a section of the midi part and often times I get lost. I’ll accidentally scroll back way farther long before where the actual part even starts. For example, let’s say I’m editing a part that has the first notes on bar 33, I might end up scrolling to bar 1 which is completely NOT where I want to be. This also happens when editing audio parts. Can you please add some way to constrain the view only to the width of the actual part??? This would make things a LOT easier. But at least add some kind of quick function to “locate to first even” or “last event” or something like that. PLEASE!!! This has been so annoying for so many years

Are you only using the sliders for zoom?

CTRL/CMD+Mouse Wheel will zoom in horizontally, and SHIFT+MouseWheel will scroll

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Thanks I will try using those to see if I get a better UX. But honestly, the sliders are there but generally cause havoc. I find navigation of the UI to be generally clunky and outdated. But I love the sound of Cubase, and the native plugins are pretty awesome. But I couldn’t even figure out how to draw in row of 16th notes in the key editor using any of the tools. The line tool kept drawing 32nd notes. But that’s another issue altogether. LOL