Fix for Skype garbled audio with UR44

I produce a podcast where my host and I record in different locations. We both have UR44s on each end we record on, I’m on Mac, my co-host is on Windows 10.

We talk to each other over Skype while recording locally on each side, then sync it up later. We’ve had an issue since we started doing this where the skype client on the Windows 10 side would consistently garble some of the audio, maybe 5% of words spoken. I spent several podcast recordings guessing at words that were being spoken, which was driving me insane. The audio would record perfectly via audacity, so i didn’t look at the UR44 and its software for a long time.

After trying many things, I reduced the ASIO Buffer Size on the Steinberg drivers from “512” (presumably the default) to “64”, and now Skype doesn’t screw with any of his audio. And luckily he has sufficient computing power that this smaller buffer size hasn’t resulted in dropped audio in the recording.

Spent a long time trying to solve this problem and couldn’t find anybody with a similar problem, so thought I’d pass it along.