Fix for Win 10 Update to Ver 1709 (Creator Ed.) Breaks eLicenser

Microsoft update to Creator edition of Win 10 (Ver. 1709) broke Dorico. Error messages were not clear, but all led to a license problem. Running the eLicenser maintenance failed, but suggested downloading the latest version of the eLicenser. I did so and installation of that fixed my problem. It automatically synched with the database and found my licenses. I did NOT uninstall the broken version first but would have next.

For me the latest version of eLicenser was 6.10.2219.

I’ve no idea what broke during the Windows update. But I have 100% confidence that was the cause. I went to Dorico immediately after the system restart. Attached is a screen shot of my broken elicense status for reference.

Hope this helps someone should they run into this.


I had to rerun the eLicenser Control Center as administrator and re-install my audio hardware driver for the Fall Creators’ update.

It’s not that the update itself is a problem, but the way it’s installed is basically by re-installing the entire OS.

That makes sense. I had to go to sounds and set Audiobox back to the default. But the ASIO drivers “stuck.” Go figure hehee. Thanks!

This has been necessary with every major Windows update since the release of Windows 10 and it’s something Steinberg really need to look at. None of the other software I use has this issue (although none of it uses the eLicenser).

Strange. I’m on Windows 10 with updates happening and I’ve had Dorico since day one and I’ve never had to rerun the elicenser.

USB licenses don’t seem to be affected by Windows major updates. It seems to be mostly soft elicensers which become “damaged” it appears the soft elicencser depends on something that is in the main windows folder which gets moved during the major updates. I just check all my licensers after a major update, but my key machines are on the net most of the time, so it’s no problem. Musicians with primarily offline machines should consider USB elicensers over soft eliceners for this reason.

I’ve only ever used USB eLicensers … it also happens on two different machines. Puzzling.

I’ve theorized that the issue could be tied to the driver stack, so it’s definitely possibly to get breakage on USB. I should probably say that chances of breakage are near 100% with the soft eLicenser and somewhat less with USB. :wink: Whatever is wrong with Steiberg’s IP protection technology, it’s definitely a PIA. Most of my systems have multiple soft and USB licensers attached and with Win10, Steiberg’s is the sole one that has been failing consistently on upgrades.

I have the same problem;
Only running the latest eLicenser update as an administrator didn’t help; (and several reboots)

I get this error with dorico (and with cubase)
eLicenser Control - Error.jpg
What am I to do now?

You need to repair within the elicenser application as well.

Do you mean by that running the maintenance as an administrator?


I already did that, but still it is broke.

Suggestion: Make sure you’re connected to the internet. Turn firewall off while doing this procedure.

Uninstall elcc, reboot, and install latest elcc from

Run elcc as administrator. Under the “Actions” menu first run “Recover”, then run “Repair Soft e-licenser”. Reboot.

(Don’t forget to turn your firewall back on.)

If you’re still getting the error, it’s probably time to open a ticket with Steinberg.