Fix Key Commands in 10.5

My key commands reset constantly. Even if I have them saved on the present menu, they go back to default. You cant import them via the menu for unknown reasons. You get the “this is not a key command file”. Even if you manually add the file via appdata>presets>key commands they dont work even if they do end up on the menu.


The Import Key Command File is not developed for the current Cubase Key Commands files. This was designed for possibility to load an old Key Command Cubase files in the past.

Do all other custom Cubase changes remain in Cubase? After Cubase quit, is the KeyCommand.xml file updated?

All the key command presets change to default. I can still select my presets via the key command window but somehow they all become the default key commands. This usually happens every couple of days and a computer reset fixes the issue but recently I had to make a new preset.

Same here - and as a new user switching to Cubase, and finding that I can’t set up my own key commands without them randomly resetting themselves, is making me seriously question my decision to move to Cubase Pro


Is there any task to clean up the system regularly? Or does it happen after a Windows update? It would be interesting to find out, what does triggerthe issue.

My key commands just dont save. They appear saved then after i quit out and reopen cubase they’re all gone.

Does not happen here.

After an update, deleting old preferences might help.

This has been happening to me to for about a year. All my keycommands are gone and I have to start from scratch because I can’t load the XML file.