Fix mixer track order at a song level

Is there a way to fix the mixer track order and visibility at a song (or even Global) level? I’m using consistent outputs for the whole set.
I always want the click routed to out 1, drums to out 2, etc…
At the moment, the order and visibility seem to be set at part level.
In addition, saving these settings is inconsistent. When I re-open a project, mixer order, visibility, and, therefore, controller midi mapping is frequently messed up.

Just a comment beforehand: you can open a context menu on any channel for further Channel Order Options.

Thank you, Musicullum,

I’ve done a bit more troubleshooting and have come across what I imagine are two bugs. Can you confirm?

  1. The first part in a song does not save the “visibility” and “order” settings in the mixer view. Every other part seems to, just not the first one. (This relates to my original post).

  2. I have a MIDI track outputting MIDI notes to an iPad to control an app called OnSong. It is very inconsistent. Sometimes, it outputs the MIDI message, and sometimes, it does not. The only way I can make it consistent is to be in track view and have the MIDI tab open in the bottom half of the screen.

This looks like such a promising piece of software…


… is that still valid with the latest Pre-Release? You can download it here.

… we’ve identified a problem with the MIDI Playback engine if the Stop Button was pressed to much. It’s fixed now and will be available with the next Pre-Release (2.0.13) coming next Friday. Can you please try again your workflow with that version and let us know if it’s working now?

Thank you,

Fantastic, thank you Michael, that is really helpful.
I found 2.0.12 last night, and indeed, it has fixed the first problem - great!
I look forward to testing 2.0.13 and the midi fix.
Is there somewhere I can sign up to be notified when it is available?

Pre-releases are usually available each Friday, check this forum.