Fix Mouse Scroll wheel Changes Quantize Please :)

I would like the mouse scroll wheel to work when changing the Quantize and instruments in the Key Editor like it did in the last iteration of Cubase. Thanks. :smiley:


Thank you for the report. This is a known issue. One menu type is not scroll-able anymore. It’s spread across the application.




+1 …
anyone knows if the previous versions has the scroll mouse activated ? this is a pain in the a**
i have 10.5.2 : if i go on 10.5 or 10.0 maybe it will work again ??

Works in C10 including the latest Update (10.0.6).
Since initial 10.5.0 it stopped working for me and it’s really nerve-wracking.

interesting . i will go back to this version then .
do you know maybe if there’s a new upcoming update ?

Unfortunately, I don’t - but I hope soon… really soon :slight_smile:

Is there any update on this? Will this be fixed with a patch for 10.5 or are we forced to get 11?


No official info about Cubase 10.5.

Can anyone report that this is working in C11 then?


I can confirm, it is working in Cubase 11.

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