Fix Mute & Solo logic on Folder tracks

Example -

Multi mic’d drum kit.
All individual audio tracks in a ‘Drums’ Folder track
All audio tracks within that folder bussed to drum kit group.

Currently, if you solo your drum kit group, all the audio tracks going to the group, which are within our ‘Drums’ Folder are soloed.
However, the folder track that all the audio tracks are in, shows as being muted!

This is extremely tiresome when doing stem mixes for example, as you have to open up all your folders to be sure that any soloed tracks are correctly open - the mute and solo states are notoriously unreliable when you have complex routing and can get confused, forcing you to reset the whole mix with the master mute and solo buttons.

Can I suggest that Folder tracks at least get some sort logic to their mute and solo status’s?

If ALL the tracks within a folder are soloed or muted, then the folder should show this correctly.

If only some of the tracks within that folder are soloed or muted, then the respective indicators should flash or be green or something to indicate this.

Big +1 on this. It’s a workflow destroyer in many cases and needs to be fixed.

The folder should reflect the state of the tracks it contains.