Fix/Support for High Contrast Themes!

Every time I click something on the top menu (file, edit, project…) I can only use it once. If i open a dialogue from there it becomes greyed out and i cant click anything. Same goes when I close a project window, I cant use the top menu.

I got suspicious remembering a 9.5 trial I used asking to disable high contrast to even start the app, and I was glad it wasn’t on 10. So I disabled high contrast on the settings and guess what… It works fine now.

Why on earth is cubase the ONLY application that doesn’t work properly with high contrast? Isn’t it ironic that the new design is high contrast itself, but doesn’t let me use it on windows? There are people with eyesight issues that NEED to use that theme, and I don’t want to switch every time I want to use cubase.

Has anyone found a fix for this? A workaround or something? Any help would be appreciated.

The only software in the universe which requires Aero/Desktop Composition.