Fix Tempo Mapping issue. *big problem for screen composers*

It’s essential for me in my scoring work to be able to freely change the tempo of a given section in my session, in order to be able to satisfy revision requests from my clients. I’m sure most other screen composers would agree how essential it is to have a non-restrictive tempo mapping method. I can’t seem to ever be able to change the tempo of a given section without completely messing up the syncing of anything that comes after it in the session. It really does put a strain on my ability to create the music I want and within a timely manner.

Saving cues separately in different sessions posses another problem. It causes issue with organization and also because Cubase can’t run more than one session at a time and will automatically load up the minimized “un-active” session when you close your active session, which can be very frustrating when you’re forced to let it load only to just close it because you didn’t want that session loaded up. It’s just not practical to be forced to work in multiple different sessions on one project that otherwise would work perfectly fine.

As an example of my issue: I’ve included these three print screens to explain the issue. The first “Normal” print screen is how my session is currently, The second is an example of me changing the tempo, and you’ll see the when it’s in musical mode, everything stays in the same place except the picture, so it forces me to to go through the painful process of trying to re-allign everything and resetting a new tempo for every cue after.

The third photo is an example of when it’s in time based mode, where now all of my midi data seems to stay in the same place, but my audio and the attached video moves out of sync, again forcing me to try to re-sync everything.

I’m amazed the Cubase has not built a solution for this, where you can lock the tempo on the timeline, so that you can freely move a tempo without altering anything that comes after it. Surely Cubase can figure out a way to give screen-composers the ability to freely change tempos?

** if Anyone has any tips on how you work around this issue as a score composer I’m all ears, I really need help with this issue!! **

Thanks so much!!