Fix the frickin' Sleeping Audio Driver Interface!

This has driven me NUTS for a decade. Regardless of interface, the following happens to me ONLY with Cubase…

  1. Open a CPR
  2. Wait…
  3. -Eventually- the audio dies. All other functionality works, but just no sound. And if you open TaskMgr, you can -see- that one process in Cubase has gone to sleep… but cannot be revived.

So… hands down, -the- most common way I ‘exit’ Cubase, is with TaskMgr.


So it’s not like there’s a problem with ‘cheap ASIO driver’. In fact, this never happens -regardless- of interface (RME, Native Instruments, M-Audio, Lynx)

Eg. I can leave Wavelab open for -weeks-. The audio is always right there. I can totally take it for granted.

Why can’t Cubase fix this most -basic- functionality?

Don’t think I’ve ever had this problem.

the problem is likely on your system
since not everybody has this

The problem is not likely on my system. Since it’s recurred over the years with several machines.

There’s this notion that, if it doesn’t happen to -everyone- it’s not a bug. And although I haven’t been a software engineer for a while it’s disappointing to me that this ‘blame the user’ mentality still persists. Frankly, it was one of the uglier parts of the biz and I sure hope it goes away at some point.

ok no help thanx

Have you checked your power settings for usb? I’ve used dozens of computers with cubase and never got this problem. Though I always optimize windows before, especially power options

For the love of… this is NOT a user-help deal.

This is a FEATURE REQUEST. If you don’t have this issue, GOOD FOR YOU. I’ve been using Cubase for 20+ years and -trust me- this is an ongoing issue for lots and lots and lots of people. Most of us just suck it up.

But other DAWs do NOT have this issue. As I said… Wavelab (same vendor) NEVER misbehaves like this. Ableton. Never a problem.

Never seen or heard of this, I see you’re using a laptop - have you always used laptop when you’ve had this problem?