Fix USB mess: "3- TD 11" is not connected (but "4- TD 11" is!)

Whenever I connect USB devices in a different order to my USB ports or USB hubs, the same devices get recognized under a different name (same device name but a different number prefix) and this confuses Cubase. Is this considered to be a good user experience?

I expect the developers to blame Microsoft Windows as a first reaction , but:

  1. Isn’t Steinberg an industry leader with some kind of leverage to talk directly to the Windows developers so that they eventually fix that?
  2. Is it so difficult for Cubase to figure out from its name syntax that if “3- TD11” is not connected but “4- TD11” is connected, the user wants to connect to the latter? Do we really have to do this manually?
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I’m sorry, I have to confirm, what you said… This is not on Steinberg’s/Cubase side at all. The USB devices are completely provided by the operating system. This Windows issue is not any sequencer related at all. This issue is the same for any printer, any camera, any computer keyboard, any computer mouse, any USB device.