(FIXED) after update mackie control diferent ?

hi all
just a quickie !
i have a qcon g2 pro daw cntr… since the updates it is not the same ie the eq page is diferent (like it)
the page up /down no longer works as was and various other cntrls
have i missed something or is theis a new protocol update or what ???

wow i did nothing exept reboot a few times (due to going out and or going to bed lol)
all is working as was …
my bad i guess … not the brightest lamp in the house anymore

The only thing I can think of is in Cubase you get the option to select either Compatibility Mode or Cubase Mode. Your selection with these 2 different modes greatly changes how your G2, or in my case QconPro assigns the buttons.

However if you did nothing except reboot, that selection should not change in Cubase.