[FIXED by v9.5.40 update] Cubase corrupts .cpr files that reach 1.99GB by blowing them up to exactly 4,194,305 KB

Hi folks.

I am having the same problem. Its really holding back my template development.

9.5 Pro on Windows 10 64bit

When will the fix be available, could we get a build to patch the problem please?

Many thanks


It should be fixed with the next update release.

Do you expect those 4gb cpr files to be in some way recoverable?

Do we have an ETA on the next update please? This issue is killing us here.


Could you try with Cubase 9.5.30, please? It should be fixed for a files in range 2 - 4 GB. Files bigger then 4 GB are not fixed, as far as I know.

I looked through the 9.5.30 release notes when it came out, and saw no mention of it in there.

Then I installed 9.5.30 and, unfortunately, the problem has not been fixed… at least for me.

Although I now get a different error message than I had previously gotten, I still have the problem every time I take an existing (and functional) 1.99GB file and add instrument tracks to it until it crosses the 2GB line . . . at which point it crashes or causes a ‘serious error’ in Cubase.

If a fix was actually rolled out, and if some folks can now build project files that are larger than 2GB, the immediate question becomes whether brand new project files can now go as high as 3.99GB, but pre-‘fix’ files have something ‘baked into’ their structure, so that they will always cause problems at the 2GB mark, even post-‘fix’, and will have to be re-built, from scratch…???

@Martin.Jirsak and @ygrabit, please check your Inboxes, there is a PM with some additional info and downloadable data waiting for you… :slight_smile:


PM replied.

Thanks. BUT I just had the problem here today, for the first time ever.
New 9,5 Pro with latest update 9.5.30.
Mac OS 10.9
What happened with the fix? What can I do?

the 9.5.40 or 9.5.41 should fix this kind of issue…

Thanks for delving in, and the feedback.
Not bad at all. Well done. :grin::+1:

The v9.5.40 update got me over the 1.99GB threshold!!!

[fireworks, confetti, orchestral fanfare, &c.]

I’m very grateful to the folks on this forum and on the dev team who worked directly on the code and/or made sure that the issue was at least brought to the attention of the right people.

There’s been a lot of grousing about the v9.5.40/41 updates, not to mention Steinberg’s responsiveness to users in general, so I just want to highlight this instance where a specific problem was brought to Steinberg’s attention, questions were asked, data was supplied, and the problem got fixed pretty damn quickly.

I can only assume that this was an easier issue to resolve than the publicly-acknowledged and ‘still-under-construction’ ones . . . but it’s still an amazing feeling when one’s own insurmountable workflow-destroying malfunction in a critically important program turns out to be (relatively) easily fixable . . . and then actually gets fixed, in relatively short order, by a helpful and attentive dev team.

Speaking of which . . . er, of whom . . . the dev team doesn’t get nearly enough love and appreciation for the work that they do constantly maintaining/creating/repairing a mind-bogglingly-complex body of code. THANKS AGAIN FROM MEEEEEEEEEEEEE FOR THIIIIIIIIIIIIS!!!

NEXT ORDER OF BUSINESS: so, uh . . . what can be done about that 3.98GB threshold . . . :mrgreen:

It looks like my template .cpr, if built to its full desired size, would probably run somewhere between 6GB and 8GB… :cry:

Unfortunately not fixed for me.
I have the same issue. Downloaded trial of Cubase 10 pro, but when i open template project that was corrupted i see a blank page.
5 gigs loaded in RAM, and if i press F3 i can see the mixer from template project but there is no main template window with all tracks and i don’t know if there is any hotkey to open it…
Can somebody help me with this issue?

Hi and welcome,

Already corrupted project/template can’t be fixed. But a new project will not become corrupted this way anymore.

Thanks) now i understand.

hmmm… It’s interesting but I need to raise this thread again.
Cubase 10.0.30 corrupts my *.cpr template file after saving when it’s size become 4GB+
Cubase says: “Invalid Project File”

Why Steinberg still can’t solve this problem with maximum file size?
does somebody have the same issues with big template files?
I can’t wait until Steinberg will fix this issue in 10.5 version. I need to build my template now

I’ve just had this issue today, my project crashed and I wen to reload from a back up file but the back file gives the ‘created with version 1.x’ message.

However my cpr file is only 61mb. I’m running on Cubase 10.0.30. Just lost a lot of good work to this issue.

Happend to me when my Osx was too old and therefore incompatible with the CB version.

problem still exists

here on cubase pro 11 it crashed and file was corrupt

file size is 230 Mb so no 4 gig

please if anyone could help me, the project got corrupted this way

thank you !



Hi all,

same for me. At least similar. Cubase Pro 11 64bit rendered my third project corrupt (happens again and again with my CPR files) - the only workaround is to “save as” again and again.

The issue in addition: Cubase does not realize, it does not crash, it does not show error messages. I only realize when I try to open a CPR the next day.

When I “save as” the healthy project 10 times in a row with different filenames, some(!) of them are corrupt. Those cannot be opened by Cubase anymore, which is no wonder: I even cannot delete those using Windows File Explorer anymore (workaround: cmd as administrator and use “del /q” on it).

I cannot narrow it down yet, I only can say:

  • it is not reproducable anytime, but happens again and again
  • I for sure do not have issues with system or hard drives, as any other (also high-performance applications with high read/write rates) do not have issues
  • it most likely starts to happen when the following applies:

the project file is larger than 100 MB
I have used VariAudio in the project
I use FX and Group Channels (Parallel Compression, Subgroups, other Send Fx)

Reading through the internet on this, I have the impression, that this is observed by others as well, but it seems difficult to tell about the root cause, so neither the customer nor the vendor seem to invest too much time on investigation.

Thanks and kind regards…

One more point: I saw that this thread is flagged as “FIXED”. Does this mean that further comments will be ignored? Should I rather have created a new thread? And, if I’d do now, would I be accused of cross-posting?

Thanks in advance…