(Fixed)Can't start drawing automation with Alt+ObjectSelectn

EDIT: Seems to be fixed in 8.5!

  1. Create a MIDI track

  2. Open its automation lane - Volume | Off

  3. Choose the Object Selection Tool (press 1)

  4. Hold Alt to turn cursor into temporary draw tool

  5. Draw with the mouse on the empty automation lane
    -> Result = Bug: Temporary draw tool doesn’t draw, but creates a selection rectangle as if it’s still the Object Selection tool

  6. Choose the real Draw tool (press 8)

  7. Draw with the mouse on the empty automation lane
    -> Result = Works as intended, even though the tool looks the same

Both tools function as expected after the first automation has been drawn (after the grey line turns colored). But only the real Draw tool lets you start drawing automation on an empty lane. The Alt + Object Selection tool will only work when there is already automation data.


This is not a bug, it works as intended.

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That should mean there’s an idea behind this design choice. What is the advantage of this behaviour?

Besides, if the mouse cursor looks like the draw tool then it should function as the draw tool.

So even if this is by design, the bug is that the cursor should reflect that and look like the selection tool in this situation.