(Fixed) Cubase "Udpate" typo on download pages

I’d fix this just to make a better first impression.


I guess Miscellaneous really isn’t monitored at all. :stuck_out_tongue:

What are you even talking about? :stuck_out_tongue:

Update and Udpate


I’m pretty sure ‘Udpate’ is for the Swiss Graubünden community, and should only appear when you browse the site from the Surselva, the Sursés/Oberhalbstein valley, the lower Engadin or the Val Müstair regions of Switzerland. :ugeek: :confused: If that’s not happening, you need to dip your USB hub in some hot cocoa. (then, restart your marshmallows if they don’t float to the top) :open_mouth:

Or, it’s a typo, and I’ll try to alert the IT dept. :blush:

Hahaha, you have to trust me sometimes. :stuck_out_tongue:

And as far as nitpicks go, I could go much further. I wonder if you noticed:

I see it, but it’s above my pay scale to report. Sending a message to the support team would likely work though.

I was seriously debating myself whether I should do it or not since I don’t wanna be known as reporter of useless crap. But I do think all polish adds up to give a good experience in the end, you know.