Fixed distance between two specific systems

I’m working on a piece that use custom staves (with different space between the lines). That’s sadly impossible to do in Dorico and I found a workaround, in short I wrote in more than one staff and them I will engrave them as a single staff.

Anyway, I need to have in all pages the same distance between certain systems, regardless all the other vertical spaces, there is a way to manage this setting?

F.E. I want that the distance between violin I and violin II to be always 0,6mm.

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Could you show us something visual? It’s hard (for me) to understand what you’re trying to accomplish.

You could try fiddling with setting minimum gaps to 0 in Layout options.

Here a sketch of what I’m going to do.

Sorry for the messy page!


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Yes but at that point I still have to manually adjust the vertical spacing of all the staves. Is find more convenient to adjust manually only the “fake” staves.

The other thing you might do is just set the values in the spin box manually. I’m working on a project that requires fixed distances between staves, and it’s fast enough I guess. It would be much faster if Tab navigated to the next spin box.

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Yes, I’m going to work in this way.
The only inconvenient, is a bit difficult to have an idea of the page spacing to set the frames and systems breaks. Each time I insert one I have to change again the vertical distances, anyway, that’s the workaround’s world :wink: