Fixed e-licenser issue after Steinberg ignored support req

I contacted Steinberg with a request for advice when my e-licenser had been not working for maybe around a month. I used the Steinberg website support contact form to send them screenshots showing that the e-licenser would not update, nor work, and was giving an error message whenever I tried to load Cubase. I never heard a thing from Steinberg in response. After another week, the e-licenser suddenly started working again. That was about a week ago now. I’m glad it’s fixed, but where was your support, Steinberg?

Good for you. Last week I installed a new disk and needed to download Cubase 8.5. Was not allowed - the e-licence owned by other user’ or whatever. I guess that other user may be me long time ago…

In any case, I sent in a help request last Sat. Today Wed - no reply, no working Cubase.

Steinberg, where is your support?
Oh, another DAW company responded with a solution for download in 5 min…

A person might get the impression that there are troubles behind the scenes at Steinberg, since getting no response to support request emails seems to be happening regularly: