(Fixed)Elicenser deleted my Cubase 10 license

Hello Steinberg forums

I use cubase 10.5 running on Mac OSX 10.14.6 I recently saw that cubase 11 was released and I checked to see if I am eligible to update to Cubase 11 as I purchased a cubase 10.5 update from cubase 8 very recently, updating to 10.5 everything was working good. As I was eligible to update to cubase11 yesterday night I downloaded cubase 11 via the link provided and then I began to update the Elicenser but for some reason 4 out of the 6 steps failed.

The ‘Online Synchronization & Maintenance’ procedure finished. Some problems occurred. Details are listed below.

Step 1: FAILED (Updating eLicenser License Database)
Step 2: OK (Repairing Soft-eLicenser)
Step 3: FAILED (Validating License Usage Periods)
Step 4: OK (Cleaning up eLicenser Memory)
Step 5: FAILED (Recovering License Transactions)
Step 6: FAILED (Sending eLicenser Information)

This in turn messed up my cubase 10 license.

As of now I can’t even get into cubase 10 anymore and my License for cubase 10 has disappeared. Please can someone tell me what the hell has happened.

It is fixed now, it was a server issue connecting to their elicense database. The upgrade to cubase 11 left cubase 10 in a pending state of some kind that was not showing up in the eLicense control centre

Thanks it’s fixed now

Are you using the most current eLCC version?


I tried to do a maintenance task again in the eLicenser control centre still same result.

Hi Scab Pickens, my eLC ver is

With that result my cubase license has disappeared from the USB Stick but the Vienna Licenses are still there and since I cannot connect to their database to fix the USB Licenser I am locked out of cubase.

I still have not submitted a ticket maybe elicense server or database is down and later they will fix the server issue. I don’t really know and I don’t know why my cubase license has disappeared from my USB Licenser.

Wow, I just saw the official announcement. I guess you are not the only one experiencing problems.


Hi Scab Pickens, it was a server issue, I thought I was the only one with this issue but it turns out that a lot of people had the exact same issue. I would delete this whole thread if it is possible.