[fixed] Flatten Arrangement omits Arranger events

Edit: In 6.0.3 this can now be done. Skip to the relevant post: https://www.steinberg.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=9847&p=82924#p82924

When I flatten an arrangement, aren’t the Arranger events supposed to be included in the resulting project? The Markers have come over, so it doesn’t seem to be because it’s in the upper panel of a split screen.

Anyone else?


The arranger events don’t carry over. It would be redundant, though I can imagine a scenario where one might want them.

See what you mean, but it would have been good to have them as a starting point. I also tend to use them as markers to avoid the Marker track getting too cluttered. Maybe I’ve got a wierd way of working. Thanks for the reply.


Didn’t there used to be a dialog box that asked if you wanted the Arrainger chain to follow?

Wow, was there? I can seem to recollect something like that, but who knows how dependable a foggy memory might be…

Yes, that’s what I thought of when I saw your question, (well, not weird, but individual!) it would be quite handy to keep them in there, but yes it depends on your workflow. The irony is the more flexible Cubase has become, the more possibilities one sees for new features, they add said feature, users see 10 more ways to use it if only feature ‘X’ were introduced, rinse and repeat.

lol. Nice to be finally understood! :sunglasses:

That sums it up, really.

For the record: This may have been added in 6.0.3 or it may be that I never noticed it. Both are possible! Anyway, the choice to include the Arranger Track when flattening is available when you flatten from within the (e) panel of the Automation Track. Next to the flatten button (last on the right) is a small arrowed button (like for Quantise and Automation) which gives to access to this and more.