(Fixed in 9.0.20) Key Editor scroll freezes when mouse moved

  1. Open attached MIDI file in Cubase (or have a project with a similar amount of midi data).
  2. Select All events and open them in the Key Editor.
  3. Go to bar 100 (enough data there)
  4. Enable Stationary Cursor and Auto-scroll to see the effect easier.
  5. Play
  6. Move the mouse around
    Result => GUI stops updating, freezes until you stop moving your mouse.


EDIT: Fixed in 9.0.20
SC88 - 02 - Ruins.zip (24.9 KB)

When I hover the mouse over elements in the inspector the play head staggers like a drunken sailor. And that’s with only one track in the project playing. It’s completely unacceptable. Logic X runs smooth as butter on my machine…tons of tracks. This needs fixing.