[Fixed in 9.5.20] Color settings reset after "Cancel" button

If you close the “Preferences” window with the “Cancel” button (or the “Esc” key), it may happen that all color settings for the “User Interface” section are reset, that is, set to “no color” or “transparent”. All corresponding items in the “UserPreferences.xml” file are written with the value of 0 (zero):

  • SurfaceSchemeColorSetPreferences9
  • TrackDefaultColorPreferences
  • FaderColorPreferences
  • RackColorPreferences
  • StripColorPreferences

This issue never happens when the “Preferences” window is closed by the “OK” button (or the “Enter” key).

I’m not 100% sure if the bug is really fixed in Maintenance Update 9.5.20, but at least it can no longer be reproduced.