[Fixed in 9.5.20] Score printing problem

From Note Editor, the first page is always printed correctly, but the remaining pages are incomplete or not printed at all.
It doesn’t matter whether the print goes to a LASER printer or into a PDF file.
From other applications (such as MS Word), the printing works flawless, even large files with tens of pages.

The export function to a graphics file is working, but is really cumbersome because only one page at a time can be exported!

Can you verify that you are in Score Page View? What you describe sounds like a result from printing from Edit View.

I’m printing from Score Page View.
Btw… if you click on “Print” command in the File menu and you are in Edit View actually, Cubase automatically changes over to Score Page View.

I have been doing a lot of printing over the past week and have not experienced any issues, so it’s likely the the issue is not with Cubase itself, but with how it interacts with the printer. There are many different printer drivers, I have a Brother 5150D and all is good.

What I would do in your position is check the page layout dialog, and remove and reinstall the printer driver.

I have that Problem too, since I have updated to 9.5.

Works fine in 9.0! So this is not a Printer- or System-Problem. it´s cubase!

@Art Royce: Yes, I think also that it is a Cubase 9.5 specific problem.

I have a physical printer (Dell 3130cn) and a virtual one (Adobe Destiller) on my PC.
Both of them I have reinstalled and tried different settings.
I have uninstalled and reinstalled Cubase 9.5 from scratch, too.
The result is always the same: The first page is printed, all remaining pages are randomly not printed or incomplete.

I have no problems printing with any other application on my PC.
Parallel to version 9.5, version 8.5 is installed.
Again, there is no problem with 8.5, ALL pages are printed, even larger quantities (30+).

So I’m sure the problem is in version 9.5!

Printer dialog in Cubase 8.5:
Printer dialog in Cubase 9.5:
There was obviously a change in the printing routine with the result that the printing now doesn’t work anymore.

As I said, printing is working here.

It’s not as simple as saying the problem is caused by 9.5, it’s a combination of factors. If no one could print from 9.5 it would be a different matter, but that’s not the case.

I’m on Win 10, printing is okay, you are both on Win 7. I don’t have a Win 7 machine so I can’t check that out.

Have you tried reinstalling a printer driver? That might have an effect, even just the removal/installation of one of the drivers.

If not, then, yes it’s probably a bug, and I’m happy to make a report once you post back.

As mentioned above, I’ve uninstalled and re-installed the drivers of the printers, with no luck.
I’ve also tried different drivers for the Dell LASER with no success, too.

And since you mention Windows 10…
I suspect Cubase since Version 9.5 is no longer 100% compatible with Windows 7, though not mentioned so in the Sytem Requirements:

64-Bit Windows 7 / 8.x / 10” ==> cited from “Steinberg’s System requirements Cubase Pro 9.5 & Cubase Artist 9.5”

Reported. CAN-12832

Thanks a lot!

Cubase Maintenance Update 9.5.20: Problem fixed!