[Fixed in 9.5.20] Step Input blue line doesn't follow selection rectangle or resized notes in 9.5.10

The Step Input blue line is supposed to follow the selection rectangle and resized notes, like this (from Cubase 9):


This no longer happens in Cubase 9.5, which slows down the workflow while using this tool significantly.

Note that the Step Input toggle is hidden by default. You have to click the little gear to the top right of the Key Editor to make it show up.


I cannot reproduce this on my side. It works the same way is it works in C9.0.

Are you sure? The problem here is that the blue line is following the mouse click, when it’s supposed to only follow the mouse release.

I completely reset my Cubase settings by deleting the preferences for every Cubase version I had installed. Does it still not happen if you start in safe mode?


I see, now I can reproduce. Thank you.

Reported to Steinberg.

This has been fixed in Cubase 9.5.20. Happy to be able to work at full speed again.