[Fixed in 9.5.20] User color settings not stored

In the Key Editor, the notes can be colored by different criteria, such as velocity, pitch, channel etc.
In the respective drop down menu of the toolbar, there is a “Setup…” entry, where one can adjust own color settings.
These colors are normally stored and subsequently used instead of the default system colors.

But there are 2 color settings, which are currently NOT stored:

  • Grid match (Match to PPQ Grid Colors) and
  • Chord Track (ChordTrack Colors)

These colors, when changed by user, remain only for the current session.
When Cubase is started again, the colors set by user are “forgotten” and the system default colors appear again.

Confirmed and reported. Thanks.

@-steve- Did you report today? I just test this and colors are stored in 9.5.10.

I’ve checked that in Cubase version 9.5.10 Build 79, the respective color palettes are not saved either there.

Same here (Cubase version 9.5.10 Build 79). Please fix soon, especially PPQ Grid Colors, because default-colors are there quite stupid. (three times nearly the same grey-color?!?)

Cubase Maintenance Update 9.5.20: Problem fixed!