Fixed in C6...!!

5.5: Mediabay resets columns on restart. Repro & Confirm’d

[ISSUE] reverence: ‘mix’ greyed out in group channels
FIXED Amazed no-one’s mentioned this yet, after all the complaints we saw about it before… And, have you noticed the nice addition of the ‘padlock’ to lock the mix value, whilst browsing patches/presets…? Cool… :slight_smile:

Why do drums change in map when I manually edit velocity?
FIXED well, sorta… I’ve just done a casual glance at this one mind, and it does seem to be behaving better now, since you never see the whole patterns note velocities at the same time - only ever the selected notes (only hi-hat; only snare etc…)

Awesome, I’ll be checking this stuff out when I receive my copy.