[fixed!] Lane editing: drag to new lane creates new track!

Thanks, FD, this one had slipped under the radar. But I’ve just revisited it and it now seems to be working as we wanted. I’ve just tried dragging to a new lane and it works - no new track. This was whether I created a new event before copying or just dragging the selection.

Can you double-check?

Crotchety, what version of Cubase 6 are you using now? Did the 6.0.3 update fix this?

I’m still on 6.0.2 - and will stay there until they sort out some of the bugs in that upgrade.

I just tested this on 6.0.3 - it appears to be fixed :smiley:
although it’s not mentioned in the official release notes.

Nice job :smiley:

I’m on 6.0.3 on Win7, both 64-bit. I didn’t see it in the release notes either but it seems it has been fixed if FunkyDrummer is confirming too. Well, good old Steiny did it again. Don’t be so shy about it next time, guys! :wink:

About the update: I’m not having any problems specific to it unlike many others, it seems from reading around here. However, this is except for the disappearance of automation lanes handles completely beyond a certain zoom out and otherwise only if you hover. I don’t like it one bit! It was something that was implemented in an earlier update, maybe even 6.0.0, but for some reason hasn’t manifested itself till now. Find a quiet few hours and read all about it here before you decide: 6.03 - Automation points: Bug or By Design? - Cubase - Steinberg Forums

Apart from that, it’s fine and the release notes show that a great deal more has been added than taken away, like transparent events while sliding them, which is great. They’ll be on the download page somewhere and the link will be in the post of the release announcement at the top of the forum.