Fixed menu-bar on top

Is there any reason for the fixed menu-bar on top of the newer Cubase editions?
As you all noticed maybe it is always visible on top of the screen, even if you minimize Cubase.
Sometimes it really annoys me, hides icons behind it and stuff. What is the advantage having it this way?

I don’t know your OS but, on Windows 10 the project windows will show like this if it is set to a “Restored” size. You can “Maximize” the project window to get rid of it if that is what you want but, that solution will make it difficult to see several windows (like the full mixconsole) if using one monitor.

Many have asked your same question and request it to be changed. I don’t see much response from Steinberg. Recommend that you get used to it until it gets changed.

Regards :sunglasses:

That little menu/window can itself be minimized, fwiw.

The only reason I can see is that Steinberg can simplify the coding in the framework that outputs Mac and Win code.
Maybe something that could change in future versions when support for older Win.OS are dropped ?
We can only hope.

Yea, I remember this was done when they came up with a “solution” to the GUI/windows behavior issues from the past. IIRC it started around C6 or C7.

This, I think, is certainly not intentionally designed that way, but some kind of workaround or attempt to circumvent the limitations of Cubase’s apparently outdated MDI framework. One can only hope that they will be able to get rid of that completely at some point. So the existence of this unusual menu bar has more technical than design reasons.

It feels like they’re just piling on top without addressing the stuff that needs fixing. It feels that if a top level coder would look under the hood they’d be like wow, what an absolute mess… lol :laughing: