FIXED: Multi-objects with LFE signals missing in ADM master file (fixed with update 12.0.51)

Indeed. Of course, only if you are a user of the Atmos features. Everyone else should not notice anything about this bug. :wink:

By the way, I have corrected my statement above. I simply forgot that I have returned to version 12.0.40. So my test was worthless. Ouch! :face_with_spiral_eyes:
My “test project” for this bug is quite simple:

  1. A 7.1.4 FX bus, which is defined as a multi-object (7.0.4).
  2. An audio track (mono), which sends its signal to the FX bus.

Done. In this case, the ADM tool (12.0.50) does not even start the export of the master file. (Although the FX bus is created automatically without LFE.)

If I find some time later, I can test if it works with a x.0.x bus.
This should actually work then.

We do. (I have already described this above.) :grinning:
We also create a consumer track of our Atmos mix in TrueHD with Atmos every now and then to test the effect of our work. (Encoding to a consumer format significantly changes the acoustics of a mix. Therefore, we find that checking only the ADM file is not enough).

Nuendo 12.0.51 now available


Fixed in 12.0.51 hotfix. Many thanks. Needs an announcement though…

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Great! :heart_eyes: Have read the good news just now. Update will be downloaded immediately.
I have adjusted the title line accordingly.

I just tested the project where we first noticed the error: it works! Nice. :+1:

Thanks a lot, Steinberg.
(Without such bugs in the next update would be even nicer, of course. :wink:)


This has been very encouraging. Our beef with the broken ADM export was noticed. We were told a hotfix is on the way. Hotfix has arrived!

To be exact: It is the hotfix for the hotfix. :wink:
The hotfix for the “ADM problem” was 12.0.51. With version 12.0.51 some midi functions broke. This was then fixed with the hotfix 12.0.52 from today.
Let’s hope that something didn’t go wrong again this time. :upside_down_face:

But I acknowledge that in both cases Steinberg worked out its bugs pretty quickly. For that, I give it a thumbs up. :+1:

Yea, I just saw the 12.0.52 hotfix of the hotfix. Yikes, but going to try it. Easy enough to roll back. Just making a restore point in Windows 10 first, too.

A restore point is always good. It is also always good advice not to install every update immediately. With WIndows, I stick to that advice. (Unless the update is required for security reasons.) With Nuendo, however, once again I couldn’t install the update fast enough. (Update 12.0.52 is already installed, of course. :grin:) But maybe in the future I should rather satisfy my curiosity a few days later. When it is ensured that the update is safe.

By the way: When installing version 12.0.52 I got a logfile created for the first time. I have never had this before. (I think anyway.)