(Fixed)No audio when transport cycle deactivated & delayed playback

I’ve ran into this issue today upon start up. For some odd reason I don’t get any audio out of my tracks unless transport cycle is activated and when it’s activated during play back I noticed that it doesn’t play in real time it’s late by a few seconds. It’s driving me crazy. I feel I’ve tried everything. I even uninstalled and reinstalled 8.5 and nothing even updated it.

yes, it is reproducible with all projects and yes the project was created from an empty project. the project was created in cubase 8.5 pro and thats what im running.

I trashed preferences (saved a backup of course). ReOpened Cubase and fixed.


Sorry… Does it mean it works to you now, please?

Awoke this morning to exactly the same issue:

All audio events are only audible if Cycle is enabled & audio is out of sync.

I’m on Cubase 8.0.40

Trashed my preferences but no joy. Will also try reinstalling.


Trashed preferences again by renaming the preferences folder - Restarted PC - problem solved without having to reinstall Cubase.