[fixed] Not all scales not being coloured in key editor


I’m trying to get 9.5 to show colours for the notes in the scale of G# minor in the key editor. I have it working for other scales like major but none of the minor scales (harm, melodic, natural) work, they just show red for all the notes. If I put a chord on the chord track it will detect those notes and show them dark blue. But I never get the light blue (or green for both chord/scale detection.)

Is there a reason for this?

Using transform works on these scales, Cubase will snap them to positions on the scale but it won’t colour code.


This is a known bug and I assume it will be fixed in 9.5.10.

This is also a good example of why it’s a good idea to leave the old version installed. You can edit back and forth between 9.0 (where the color works) and 9.5 without issue.

Thanks Rodger. It’s a feature I never tried until tonight so wasn’t sure if I was just doing something wrong :slight_smile:


Oh it’s a great feature. I use it all the time. Hope the update comes soon.

Yes was happy to see it but then not :slight_smile:

Seems to be fixed in 9.5.1 thankfully.

I don’t see it in the patch notes though.

Yea not in there but fixed now.