'Fixed number of bars per system' and Pickup Bars

Hi there! First post here, though I have been reading stuff on the forums to fix things or to find out things I didn’t know yet. So, I’m writing an arrangement for a jazz piece and I ‘need’ to have 4 bars per stave, for readability purposes. The song I have contains a pickup bar and even though Dorico tells me that’s bar #0, it’s still counted as one bar when I set the ‘fixed number of bars per system’ to 4. The first system should have 4 bars AND the pickup bar. Is this possible? Is it a function or feature I haven’t found yet? Thanks for your reply!

It’s currently not possible (apart from working around it with Make Into System, a Dorico Pro-only feature). It’s already on the development team’s todo list for a future version.

Thanks for your (very fast!) reply. That’s a shame, but nice to read that it’s probably going to be added at some point.