(Fixed) -Problem with MixConsole and External VST Instrument

As far as I can see I have defined the external instrument (Yamaha XS-Rack) correctly in,

  1. MIDI Device Manager and in
  2. VST Connections -> External Instruments.

I say this because when I play back a song, I can hear the VST instrument from the XS-Rack along with the five other VST instruments I have defined to this project,
yet the audio is not getting routed back to the instrument track.

So that when I go to the MixConsole screen (F3) and start playback, the channel strip for the XS-Rack instrument shows nothing from the fader, while all of the other instruments do. Thus, I have no ability to control volume or panning, etc. for this external instrument.

My audio interface is a RME Fireface 400.

Cubase 7.0.7 (64-bit) running under WIN 7 Home Premium.

Anyone have any ideas?

Okay, I found the solution to my problem from here:


In the VST Editor setup, the USB DETAIL was not set to ON.

Then in the VSTi setup I set the Audio Return ports for Rack XS 1 to Analog 3 (L) and Analog 4 ®.