(FIXED) Re-sizable Export Audio Mixdown Window

This could qualify as a stupid bug or extremely bad design the the video game music composer.

When batch exporting between cycle markers, we work with a specific nomenclature for Wwise implementation later on. As we export modular music that is to be rearranged in real time by the game’s events. We end up having a ton of segments to exports so we need a nomenclature system where all similarities in the file names are in the start and differences at the end of the file names. This is so much clearer when you get tones of audio files to make sens of.

For exemple :


and so on…

The problem is, in the Export Audio Mixdown menu when selecting batch exports between cycle markers, we can only see this and the window is not re-sizable and on top of that, there is no scroll bar :


Sometimes we end un with more than 30 cycle markers to export and when we need to edit a certain segment and re-export, it’s very frustrating having to go thought the ID to make sure it’s the right one. Also, we desperately need a select all / none toggle check box.

And as you can see, resizing features are very much needed.

Agreed. Full overhaul required. Re-sizing required.

For me, it’s been a mess since v10 was released; like it was some sort of working ‘developer’ edition of the window… Organisation and design principles need applying, to give it a clear and easy workflow experience.

This is the sort of thing that baffles me, in terms of ‘design/layout’ thinking at SB:-

And, while I’m at it, still waiting for multiple format exports run at the same time:-

Nice picture taken from Logic. Clean, clear. :smiley:

Thank you Steinberg! This has been fixed in 10.5 and not even advertised!

Now a select all and none check box for cycle markers would be great!