Fixed size folders / normal vs. fx folders

Once again I’m pretty sure this is somewhere in the handbook and probably also discussed here already. But I can only find threads where people suggesting fixed size folders or tracks would be nice.

So where’s the hidden option, what is the difference, I can’t find it. Or are there actually two kinds of folders / folder tracks?

When I create a folder manually it has mute/solo controls as well as record enable etc and its resizable. I can’t manage to make it fixed size so it would stay small when I shift-g/shift-h the rest of my tracks.
BUT: when I create an FX track and select create inside folder I get a fixed size folder without controls. I can’t figure out though where the hidden option is to change the type of a folder.

Or is there no option and I just have to create FX tracks and trow the FX track away if I want to have a fixed size folder?

Maybe everyone knows and I just didn’t figure.

(It’s not a complaint or bug report, I just try to understand things better and maybe I don’t need the complicated way to do things).

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In case that’s too confusing:
My way to organize things at the moment - since I put a group track in most of my folders anyway and don’t need the controls:

  • When I start a project I create an FX track inside a folder
  • get rid of the track
  • duplicate the sh*t out of the fixed size folder
  • renaming doesn’t work with double click in the track list but you can change their names in the inspector
  • put my stuff inside the folders and be happy resizing my tracks with shift-g/shift-h

→ just remember to create any FX tracks you actually want to add later outside of folders since cubase assumes there’s only one of those and puts your tracks into an existing one. Just always have a spare one somewhere at the bottom and duplicate it when you need a folder.

There is a simpler way, isn’t there?


There are 2 types of folders. The one, which is created automatically doesn’t have the Solo/Mute/… controls. The other folder type (created by user) has these controls.

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