Fixed tempo mode & other problems

I am a new user of Dorico and some problems has been came up with it.
Why does not fixed tempo mode function? I can’t change tempo at all, so it really seems to be fixed.
I’ve been set a new tonality system in my Flow (including quarter tones), but it does’t sound right when I play it.
I’ve been doing all sets by the manual but maybe there is something important I did’t noticed I guess?

Welcome to the forum, astahy. Can you be a bit more specific about the way in which fixed tempo mode is not working as you expect? It should be as simple as clicking the note button in the mini transport so that you can then drag the tempo value up and down. The tempo won’t change during playback, so you need to stop and restart playback to hear the difference. It’s normally easier, though, to simply change the tempo in the flow itself so that it plays back at the speed expected.

As for the playback of quarter-tones, what playback device are you using? If you’re using the included HALion Sonic SE player, or NotePerformer, you should hear the expected microtonal playback. If you’re using a different playback device, it may not support the appropriate kind of detuning instruction required to produce microtonal playback.

Thank you for quick response!
Yes I am aware how it should work, it should be work very easily but clicking and dragging the note button does’t effect at all. It is like its nonactive mode or something, nothing happaned when I try to switch tempo.

I have NotePerformer playback device and the HALion Sonic as well (NotePerformer is activated currently), that’s why I am surprised it didn’t work.

I’ve been try to find reason and solution for these problems in Dorico users manual without any results. Is it possible that something went wrong when I was installing Dorico? Should I reinstall it perhaps?

The note is a simple on/off. Fixed mode is when the note is grey (not blue). Try dragging the = sign or the number to the right.

You certainly don’t need to reinstall Dorico. Do you want to attach your project here, so we can take a look? It’s always easier to diagnose problems when we have the project itself.

Hi! Problem solved now, thanks!
I can now set tempo markings and change them where I want and they works in playback mode.
There is still one other problem with playback mode: It doesn’t play micro tones at all.

Can you attach a project in which you are expecting to hear microtonal playback but are not hearing it? Zip it up and attach it here and we’ll take a look (and a listen).