*FIXED-Tks Split* Essential 4 crashes w TASCAM US-144mkII

Hi -

I just purchased a TASCAM US-144mkII and have been trying to use it with a previously installed Cubase Essential 4 (v. 4.5.2, build 278).

I can record and play back short clips - say, 10-12 seconds worth, when the “tracker” jumps to the extreme far right of the screen. The software then stops playing and freezes. I tried installing the included LE5 version and had the same results. Curious indeed!

Here are my computer specs:

Gateway DX4200-09

AMD Phenom Quad-Core, 1.8 Ghz, 4GB RAM

Windows Vista Home Premium, 64 bit operating system, SP-2

Any ideas from any of you experts? Many thanks! :smiley:

Have you downloaded and installed the latest driver and updated the firmware?


2011-06-02 17:30:36 US-122mkII & US-144mkII Drivers for Windows 7, Vista, XP driver ver 2.03 (64-bit)

US-122mkII & US-144mkII firmware updater for Windows, version 2.03