Fixed Volume needs some attention <<<Feature Request>>>

I have changed Use fixed volume to play selected notes to 45.

When I try to add notes with the Chord Feature and use my laptop keys everything is perfect and notes play with a moderate volume as intended
Screenshot 2023-03-21 at 11.07.07 PM

But, When I try to add notes with Dorico’s Keyboard with the Chord Feature notes play extremely loud

I believe notes should play with the fixed volume even If I am trying to add a note using Dorico’s own keyboard.
I hope Dorico Team fixes this in the future.

P.S I have to mention that I am using the keyescape for my piano so maybe Dorico cant comminute with Keyscape when I click on the piano keyboards of Dorico

The Keyboard panel, like a real MIDI keyboard, is velocity-sensitive. If you click near the bottom of the key, you get a louder note, and if you click near the top of the key, you get a softer one.

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Thanks had no idea about this.