Fixes/Problems in C6 from C5.5.2..a list please?

There are still lots of reported issues and problems with C5.5.2, is there a Problem fix list for C6 ? i assume none of the reported problems were addressed as usual in their apparent haste to make this sudden “deadline” for C6 they seem to have issued themselves with recently (nothing to do with C5.5 being recently available on torrent sites of course) , just wanted to humour myself…

what bugs?

or do you mean feature requests…

problems that need fixing. there is a long, well documented list on this Cubase forum (before it moved). dont make me give you links…

do you call Solo not coming on for a sidechain channel when you hit solo on a group a feature request? do you call being able to drag a sound to Groove Agent 1 but not Battery a feature request? do you call being able to sort VST2 plugins into your own folders in the list but not VST3 plugins (for whatever reason) a feature request? etc etc

These ones i listed are not problems that necessarily CRASH Cubase. So they arent bugs. But they certainly arent “New Features” either. I call them “problems” that need to be addressed.

a list of C6 “fixes” not just new features would be welcome…


agreed :slight_smile:

You’re the one requesting a compilation of problem reports, so the least you can do is go first.

hi Bentley,

im not requesting a problem report. Most of us here know the problems. im requesting a list of problem fixes. I cant provide you with a list of problem fixes only Steinberg can.

ive listed 3 of the problems…

heres a 4th one…Mix control on Reverence. Again, not a bug. but a problem that needs to be fixed. I am hoping that a lot of these have been addressed in C6. I assume they are only mentioning New Features at this point. The problem for me personally is that theres not a single new feature that even stirrs me to get out my credit card, but (for starters) the 4 that i mentioned (being able to move frozen parts would be a 5th on the list for some who still use this unfinished “feature” ) would certainly make my daily life easier and make me consider upgrading. You cant keep throwing more half-baked features on top of the heap and not make the previous ones you threw on the heap last time work properly first.

Based on Steinbergs track record i am confidently going to assume that many of the new features are going to be half-baked (like some of the C5 ones and some of the C4 ones and some of the C3 ones etc etc) and will be crippled in some fundamental and obvious way and not be fixed, as they have done for the C5 features and C4 features before them and C3 features etc.

Markers. Great idea. Why can we not do a numerical reorder of markers. Such a basic and fundamental function if you are going to add the concept of markers to your program. I would like to know if they have fixed this problem, for example.

for more issues see:



Are you asking about problems that have been confirmed by Steinberg or just user perceptions as to the existence or otherwise about a problem?

Forgive my ignorance but I’d not say dragging a sound to GA1 as opposed to a 3rd party VST is a problem as such particularly when I’ve never heard anything from the 3rd party.

As for reverence wet/dry, well what “real” reverb have you ever used that was not 100% wet by default.

The other problem of markers you mentioned, some changes have been made to the application, perhaps you could discuss those first or ask questions and the problem of VST not being able to be moved, did you hear about the Steinberg SKI?

Yeah, one thing I’d like to know is whether nudging regions using keyboard shortcuts, with “Automation Follows Events” turned on, works now. After 5.5 it’s been broken, and you either have to move regions by mouse, or turn off AFE and just select the automation alongside the regions, and then nudge with keyboard. Otherwise you’ll overwrite the automation with incorrect data.

Also whether chasing with VST Expression works better would be one I’m interested in. Now on more complex sessions it’s often necessary to start regions not just with one articulation specified always, because it won’t chase correctly to the previous one, but in fact two articulations in a row. Otherwise it just won’t reset and might still play the wrong articulation.

Steinberg rarely (if ever) respond to suggestions for fixes to problems. Its part of their protocol for dealing with customers.

I think what we are hoping has been addressed are things that have been raised in the past, and have annoying “workarounds”. I am hoping i no longer have to “workaround”.

The nudging of parts is yet another problem paalito, definately, agreed…

Its possible a lot of these issues have been addressed and not just let ride. perhaps i should not jump the line too fast. Lets see what problems have been fixed first…my post was not to rant so much about the problems but just request a fix list first please :slight_smile:

Manual P141: “Reassigning Marker ID’s” looks like a new function. “The marker ID’s of the selected type are reassigned to match the order of markers on the marker track”

Be nice to read if things like this got ‘fixed’ too:-

I have a selection of others I store away as the occasion takes me:-

[Confirmed Bug] Automation

Bug: Insert Silence sometimes does nothing?

SB: please fix these three things

[Bug?] - 5.5 - MIDI Automation being turned off on reload

Repeatable OMF import bug

Being investigated by JHP

Move to back/front? (Drum editor bug)

[EDIT] Removed items now fixed (01 Feb 2011)

excellent Puma.

Steinberg are aware of all of these points in this thread obviously as the have been posted on their forum for some time. Now lets get a list of how many problems have been fixed in C6 by Steinberg.

This will be interesting. Dont let us down Steinberg!



Inserting Silence is a problem I have occasionally, which means I must manually move bars and adjust signatures accordingly.

P.S. Regarding those three other things riffwraith was talking about, normally those kinds of things are fixed ad hoc so long as people keep asking.

You’re right of course…

so on his behalf - bumpity bump, bump…!! :slight_smile:

One more…

Bug? Editing Key in Score Editor fails in 5.1.0

And, here’s a cool Feature Request that would make BDesigner useable in a recording situation…:-
FR: Recording Beat Designer pattern changes

[EDIT] Removed items fixed (01 Feb 2011)

of course, theres the ongoing problem of the non-standard windows behaviour of Cubase that many have continually complained about. This problem alone has caused some users to post that they are leaving Cubase for another platform due to the frustration.

This is a “problem” that needs fixing also. I wander if this has been addressed in Cubase 6

No it hasn’t - it was mentioned by ChrisB elsewhere there are no changes to this area in C6

See this thread too:-

Strike 1…

Would be a full bummer, if things that were wacky in v5 are not addressed in this update. Doesn’t make sense to upgrade for that price, if all we’re going to do is beta test those and new bugs introduced. I can’t wait till the first few people get it, install it, test it and then the flood gate of rants… :laughing: This will be one heck of a year.

another “problem” that needs to be addressed, …“Always On Top” option for the pool.

We have the option for so many other windows but they go and then “forget” to do it for the pool. just hampers workflow. I would assume that Steinberg will have fixed this for Cubase 6 based on their supposed dedication to workflow that is heralded in their Cubase 6 demonstration videos…right?