Fixes..where are they?

All of these wonderful new products…scoring…apps but no fixes for current products already sold like Cubase 8.5.2.
I have an imac with very poor graphic issues regarding Cubase 8.5.2. And when I say imac I am not saying some cobbled together pc with who knows what parts inside. Seriously…I have very poor graphics on fresh installs of Yosemite and El Capitan…using Steinberg hardware and latest drivers. See my other posts.

One would think knowing the standardization of Mac hardware Steinberg could simply sort this out!

No money for Cubase 9 from me until 8.5.2 shows improved graphical performance on Mac. It seems the only language Steinberg understands…money.

Absolutely no graphical issues with both Logic X and Studio One 3 demo on my system btw.

I imagine the Cubendo team are beavering away. There have been a couple of major ones to solve such as Quicktime video and also the .dll load issue in windows

Agreed that there are several major issues to solve including poor graphic performance on Macs. Let’s hope you’re correct that a fix is imminent.